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  • Roastbeef w/ Mushroom Sauce, Grilled Barbecued Chicken, Pork Confetti, Sotanghon Filipiniana, Steamed Rice, Dinner Rolls

  • Pastel de Lengua, Chicken Cordon Blue, Roastpork w/ Sesame Seeds, Spaghetti ala Carbonara, Arroz ala Paella, Steamed Rice, Dinner Rolls

  • Roastbeef with Buttered Vegetables, Fish Fillet with Tartar, Chicken Pastel, Tuna Penne Pasta, Rice Pilaff w/ Corn Kernel, Dinner Rolls

  • Lengua Perfection, Chicken Roll with Ham and Cheese, Mixed Seafoods with Oyster Sauce and Onion Leeks, Salmon Topped Spinach Fettuccine, Organic Brown Rice with Corn Kernel, Rice Pilaff, Dinner Rolls

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